A Healthy Alternative

Plantain chips are not only tasty but also offer several health benefits.


Are low in sodium and high in potassium and contain vitamins A and C.


Plantain has adequate minerals such as iron, magnesium, and phosphorous. 

Plantain fiber

Plantains are high in fiber. Intake of an adequate amount of dietary fiber helps normal bowel movements.

Good for your heart

Helps to prevent chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease.

Low sodium

Low in sodium, prevents high blood pressure, stroke, and kidney damage.

Lower cholesterol

The fiber in plantains can also help lower your cholesterol levels which can help keep your heart functioning at its best.

Our Products

Our products are available in two different presentations.

About Tradition

From the province of Manabí - Ecuador we have the raw material our raw material is to supply our products. Our raw material is "Green Plantain", an ancient fruit that has been a permanent ingredient in Ecuadorian Food, mainly on the Pacific Coast.

TORTIS Natural Plantain Chips, are made with all love and care, representing the Ecuadorean tradition that we want to share with you.


Better for you.


Good for adults and kids.


Product made with 100% of natural ingredients.


We have FDA registration and BPM Certification.


Women's empowerment

We prioritize the working opportunities for women who are living in vulnerable situations. 


100% Local labor & raw materials

At the production plant, every worker belongs to the local communities. 


Social Responsibility

 The plantain we use (Barraganete), is planted and harvested in the province of Manabi in Ecuador.


Local Support

Our main goal is to support the local communities using local resources.