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    Av. Leon Febres Cordero
    Samborondón - Guayaquil - Ecuador


    United States

    66 West Flager Street, Suite 900.

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    Where are the chips produced?

    All our snacks are made in our manufacturing plant, located in Manabi-Ecuador.

    What are plantains?

    Plantains are a staple food in Latin America and Africa, and are often confused with bananas. Although they are similar, Plantains are larger, and must be fully cooked. Plantains can be salty, or if left to ripen, naturally sweet.

    Why use Non - Hydrogenated Palm Oil?

    Palm oil is actually the most efficient vegetable oil humans can harvest. Palm trees can produce 4-10 times more oil than other crops per unit of land. Unlike other highly refined vegetable oils, palm oil is great for cooking, as its fatty acid structure makes it extremely stable at high temperatures. Its smooth taste and absence of smell make it the perfect ingredient for many recipes and palm oil has a natural preservative effect, which helps extend the shelf life of food products.

    Where can I buy the products?
    • United States
    • London
    • Chile