Manabí, Ecuador | South America

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Artisans who care for you

From Ecuador to your home

TORTIS Natural Plantain Chips, represent the Ecuadorian lands. It is a delicious snack that provides nutrients to our bodies and easily fits all diets and eating habits.

Our factory is located on the Ecuadorian coast.

From the province of Manabí we have the raw material to supply our products. The production chain starts with the payment of a fair price directly to the farmer without intermediaries.

We operate on a daily supply guaranteeing the freshness of the final product.

About our tradition





Our raw material "Green Plantain", an ancient fruit that has been a permanent ingredient in Ecuadorian Food, mainly on the Pacific Coast. TORTIS Natural Plantain Chips, are made with all love and care, representing the Ecuadorean tradition that we want to share with you.

Our production process maintains sanitation and good practices for food production. We have the FDA registration, sanitary notification and BPM Certification, and we are in the process of getting the HACCP Certificate.


Better for you.​


Product made with 100% of natural ingredients.


Good for adults and kids.​

Social Responsability

Our main goal is to support the local communities using local resources. The plantain we use (Barraganete), is planted and harvested in the province of Manabí in Ecuador.

Sustainable product that promotes the development of local communities.

Women's empowerment

85% of our employees are women. We prioritize the working opportunities for women who are living in vulnerable situations. In this way our product also provides the opportunity for them to support their families.

100% Local labor & raw materials

At the production plant, every worker belongs to the local communities. The intention besides to developing and technifying the community in these processes, is conserving the gastronomic identity, sharing our plantain with the rest of the world.